Add-on Habit Mobilization at Meetings


When you are at a meeting is one of the perfect times to work on mobilizing sticky tissue in your body. Usually at a meeting you need to talk and listen, but what you do with your hands usually does not matter (except maybe if you need to take notes). Reclaim this down time by adding on the habit of doing soft tissue mobilization while having a meeting of the minds with your coworkers.

My favorite somewhat-discrete mobilization to do at a meeting is to work on my calf muscles. I cross my legs, which puts my calf muscle nicely in reach of my hands. Then, I massage the knots and tight spots of the tissue during the meeting.

If you regularly have meetings, this can be a great way to remember to do some mobilization. Since there are parts of your body that are regularly getting tighter and stiffer, it is great to be able to regularly address these issues with an add-on habit.

Another mobilization target that you can do during a meeting is your upper Trapezius. You can jab your fingers into this muscle and do a functional release by moving your shoulder around looking for tight parts of the tissues. The upper Trapezius is another muscle that really commonly gets tight for people. This is the muscle tightness that makes a upper back massage feel so good when it releases the tightness.

Here is a quick list of body improvement techniques to try while sitting in a meeting:

  • Calf mobilization
  • Ankle rotations
  • Upper Trapezius
  • Shoulder rolls
  • Neck stretches
  • Tricep mobilization
  • Rotator cuff mobilization
  • Rectus Abdominius mobilization