Add-on habit serratus anterior at stop lights


An add-on habit is a habit you attach to something positive you are already doing. One positive, but somewhat time consuming, activity is driving my car from place to place. When stopped at stoplights, I work on my serratus anetior muscles. This has been very helpful in decreasing my sudden rib pains. Actually, I haven't had any sudden rib pain now in a few months. Maybe it's gone.

Please only try this while you have your car completely stopped at a traffic light. Do not do this while your car is moving.

ere is how you do it: grab the steering wheel at the standard ten o'clock and two o'clock postions. Adjust your seat so your butt is in the back corner of the seat and your back is straight. Look straight ahead. Engage the muscles in the sides of your ribs to pull your torso forward while keeping your elbows and shoulders locked. There should be very minimal bend in your back. The total movement of your torso will only be a few inches. You can do this very slowly and after you read the end range forward, push back. You can push yourself against the seat for some resistance without movement.

Stop if you feel pain. You will know if you are doing it correctly, it will feel very natural and you will feel the muscles on the sides of your rib cage activating.