Add on Habit Toe Touches While Rinsing


Here is the newest add on habit I picked up lately: toe touch stretches while rinsing my mouth with up & up™ Anticavity Kid's Fluoride Rinse - Bubble Gum Flavor.

Yes, I am particular about my mouth wash brand. I have been in the habit of using fluoride mouthwash ever since I had to have a root canal and, along with flossing, this has paid great dividends of not needing any additional cavities or fillings (so far!) after my teeth stabilized. Now I have added toe touching while doing this. Since I use a very mild mouthwash, I am able to leave it in my mouth for a couple minutes, so I have plenty of time to do a little stretching. I do a few repetitions of trying to touch my toes.

Currently, I lack flexibility in my upper back and hamstrings to touch my toes. I do active isolated stretching, with slow rhythmic stretches. I start with my arms straight above my head and then slowly move them down to as close to the floor as I can reach. I try to engage my core muscles and move my weight around to stretch different parts of the backs of my legs.

Getting some regular stretching time in will be good for counteracting the tight muscles in the backs of my legs from sitting and also from cycling. Combined with some mobilization of my muscles, I am hoping to be able to touch my toes for the first time in my life. I feel like toe touching is one of these fitness indicators that is ingrained in my head. Maybe it is from one of those Presidential Fitness Tests I had to do in grade school.

For me, it has been easiest to add on habits during my normal hygiene habits in the morning and night. It feels good to be getting clean and also working on my musculoskeletal system at the same time. If you have not tried it yet, I recommend both mouth washing and toe touching (independently or together), so go off and multitask to better health and fitness!