google accounts sucks

%p Google Accounts is inadequate for my usage of Google's services. First, I have a google apps account for my email, I'd like this to be my primary account. Unfortunately there are certain Google applications that only work with a Google Account and Not a Google Apps for your Domain Account. These services include 4 that I know of: Google Reader, Google Adsense, Google Adwords, and Google Checkout. What is most disappointing to me is that Adsense and Adwords are supposed to be Google's flagship moneymaker products, the ones they should be caring most about. The only google application to be responsible about this is Google Analytics, it lets you add other email accounts to have access to the application, and because of this it works properly with my account setup.

%p In order to use these second class Google citizens, I have to log out of one Google account and into another. This leads to confusion between my tabs; ever left Google Reader open while checking your ad revenue, too bad, you can't!

%p Here's a special gripe about Google Reader. They have this nifty feature that lets you email your friends an item that you particularly like, but it just assumes that it will check your Gmail account contacts. If your login to Google Reader is [email protected] and is hosted google app, then it should check your contacts over there. Instead I get a blank auto-completer even though my auto-completer works in my email account.

%p Anyway, Google, get your act together. You should have been able to figure out accounts better than this, instead you're doing accounts in the same crappy way as everyone else: total chaos