How the Press Works


Here is a flow of how the press of America works from my current model of it.

  • 4:00 USA Today does interesting story
  • 6:00 Radio talk shows pick up story and try to get people mentioned in the article on the air to talk about it the controversy of the story.
  • 16:00 TV news stations try find local versions of interesting story by contacting the people mentioned in the story because they might have leads to the local version of the story.

It's interesting to see how this works first hand. It seems that a lot of it is quite derivative, more than I had originally suspected. I guess this is a good thing though because it makes a person a lot less likely to 'miss' what is happening in the world, because all the different localities pick up the story and talk about it in their own context.

Here is where the news is unfolding, (there is an audio clip of me talking in one of the comments),