Jumping Out of Bed


I read How to get up right away when your alarm goes off by Steve Pavlina on last Thursday Night. Ever since when my alarm goes off I've been jolting myself out of bed. I am working to build this habit. I did not follow his advice of practicing because I didn't feel that I needed it. I was correct.

This new behavior has had some benefits already. I feel more productive in the early morning, and I also feel less tired. I am definitely going to practice this next semester at school. A lot of times last year I would sleep in and laze away the morning. This always ended up making me more tired.

I'm also contemplating starting a polyphasic sleep schedule. It sounds like a lot of fun to try it because it changes your whole perspective on time. The main reason that Steve Pavlina stopped doing polyphasic sleep, after doing it for a year, was that he felt like he was spending less time with his wife. Even though he was with her the same amount of time, it felt like less, because she was only up for 2/3 of the time he was. I don't have this problem so maybe it will be easier to implement. If I form a relationship while on this schedule I will already have the expectation of how much time to spend with that person.

Some ideas I have to combat loneliness are to start a IRC chatroom for polyphasic sleepers, and to start a group that talks about problems they face, and how we can attempt to convert more people to the schedule. I wouldn't try to do this until after I had adopted that sleep schedule though.