Memory Foam Mattress


The Tempurpedic mattress commercials have always intrigued me. The promise is great: a material that conforms to your body without poking you the way coiled spring mattresses do. This was enough to make me want to try one. I went to a local mattress store to try one and was amazed by two things. One was how good the bed felt underneath me, and two was the price. The beds cost at least 5 times as much as comparable coiled spring mattresses. This was confusing because the process for making a foam bed is actually a simpler process than constructing many metal coils and putting them in the right orientation. With a foam bed all you need is a mold of the right size and the right mix of materials at the correct temperature. My gut told me someone would be selling these beds for less.

After searching the internet for about a day, I stumbled upon The Foam Factory's website for Memory Foam Mattresses. With prices 5 times less than Tempurpedic, comparable quality, and free shipping these beds are amazing. I bought a Twin 5" LUX-HQ 4" 4.5LB Memory for $254.99 + 20 for the nicer cover and had it shipped to me.

The mattress came compressed in tight plastic wrapping, which made it take up less space than it does now. After I took it out of the plastic wrap it started to expand. Once fully expanded it was ready to use, and felt great to lie down in. The strangest sensation is when you go to plop down on your bed, you expect it to feel the same way a coiled spring mattress feels, but it feels totally different. So far I haven't gotten used to this difference.

I have only slept in it for 2 night so far, and I don't have any complaints, but stay tuned for an update.