Non-violence in Iraq


I have come up with a solution for how to get America out of Iraq quickly. The solution is non-violent resistance. If the Iraqis decide to stop providing services and goods from Americans, and stage non-violent sit-ins at Baghdad the US army will have no choice to but to leave. The Iraqis must become stronger, they must decide that it is not worth working and living, if they are doing so under an oppressor.

People say that by leaving Iraq the Americans will destabilize the region. An Iraqi people strongly willed enough to oust the Americans with non-violent resistance, is an Iraqi people strong enough to stand up against the insidious foreign rule from other Middle-eastern countries.

The non-violence is crucial. It is already clear that violence does not work for ousting the US army. Violent people will be branded as terrorists, non-violent people will be true martyrs. People can not rally around the banner of violence. They can, however, take up the cause of non-violence.

The non-violent resistance will be a public relations boon. New media always likes to cover the story of David vs Goliath; even more so if David does not have a sling. Imagine how it would look to see reports of the US army firing into a non-violent army. Think of how badly the Khudai Khidmatgar made the British look. Images of the American army doing the same would shatter the American conscience of being the world 'goody-two-shoes', and bring us Americans back to reality.

The ousting not only must be non-violent but it must also be secular. If the Americans are ousted for non-secular reasons, the non-secular ruling class will have even more power in the ensuing government. The Americans should be ousted because they have no right to be in Iraq. Under international law (think not of the charade of UN resolutions), it is clear that America is an invading imperialist with respect to Iraq. Invading imperialists should be repelled no matter what their religion or social practices are. It should be reason enough that Americans have no right to be in the country. There is no need to bring up such inanities as Americans being infidels or spawn of Satan, or whatever gibberish these religious folks come up with. Do it for secular reasons.

Where is Iraq's Gandhi? Where is the leader who will bring about this non-violent uprising that will free Iraq from its complacency and ill fate? Any Iraqi could be the next Gandhi. All they need to do is stand up and be the first not to cast the first stone. The first to preach of non-violence and throw down their work and take up the cause of non-violent resistance against this foreign oppressor.