Posture Power Butt Squeezed


The next critical posture point is the hips. First, do not forget to keep your feet forward The easiest way to get your hips in proper alignment is to squeeze your butt. When you flex your gluteal muscles the hips get pulled into proper alignment with respect to your legs and lower back.

Having good hip posture can help with lower back and lower extremity issues. The proper hip rotation can give your lower back the right curvature and move your knees into a better position that supports your weight.

When I use my standing desk, I notice that when I flex my gluteal muscles, there is less stress on my knees and the surrounding tissues. This might seem surprising, but our bodies are a chain of muscles and bones that all connect together. I love the feeling of locking into a good posture. I feel like all my muscles are flexing just right and supporting my weight and taking the load of my joint tissues.

Making a habit of squeezing your butt at some regular times of the day will help improve your tone and the endurance of the muscle group, so it will be more likely to work while you are going about your day. Unfortunately, modern life with lots of sitting has made these muscles flabby. While you are sitting it is hard to activate your gluteal muscles. The more you sit, the more they atrophy and your ability to activate the muscles diminishes.

Luckily you can reverse the trend and send recruit these muscles to aid you in attaining posture power. The goal is to form the habit where you assess and work on your posture regularly throughout the day. At first, this will seem almost hopeless, but if you keep it up, you will start noticing that you automatically assume the correct posture as you go about your day.