primary post mortem

%h2 Timeline %p 500 Woke up
600 Made sure signs haven't been removed by vandals (No signs had been removed)
615 Arrived at first polling place to poll watch
815 Went to Quad
830 Put up Ron Paul sign at YMCA
900 Arrived at second polling place to poll watch
900-1100 Visited 3 more polling places encompassing 5 precincts. Watched election judges to make sure things were going smoothly
1120 Gave 4 signs to Michelle, she was putting signs up at polling places that got missed
1130 Generated 1 sure vote by driving Kevin to the polls
1215 Went home
1215-1800 Was at home unsure of what to do
1800 Went to original polling place to watch them close the polls
2010 Observed results from my 6 polling places and retrieved signs
2045 Showed up at Merry Ann's diner where David was waiting with a laptop and TV.
2130 Helped David retrieve some of his signs
2200 Watched election results with David's family

%h2 Thoughts %h3 Don't Procrastinate %p I'm glad that I did a lot of my campaigning in the morning because the rainstorm in the afternoon and night was so bad. The lesson to be learned here is do not procrastinate when weather conditions are changing rapidly.

%h3 Drive People If You Can %p It would have been nice to be able to drive more people to the polls to vote. This is a very beneficial activity because you get guaranteed votes. This is especially true in a republican primary in a heavily democratic area. The number of votes that decided the outcome in my precinct was less than ten.

%h3 Lists Would Have Been Nice %p Pollwatching is only effective if you have a list of positive people who you are making sure show up. If you don't have a list it's more of just a watching role. Compiling lists of a candidate proved difficult. We didn't start with good lists. It would have been much better if we had started with lists of all of the people who voted republican in the last presidential primary. That list would have been much shorter and allowed us to focus our attention and time a lot better.

%h3 Fill Your Time %p I did not have enough activities to participate in to completely fill my day with campaigning. I still don't know what I could have done during the middle of the day. I guess the best advice is to carefully plan ahead of time what to do if you end up with free time on election day.