%p Going along the lines of my last post there is a new rubygem that is focusing on building a framework for static webpages using haml and sass as its backbone. It's called StaticMatic and it's a gem so... %pre %code.html.language-bash :preserve sudo gem install staticmatic %p Then after you get it installed you need to do %pre %code.html.language-bash :preserve staticmatic setup my_app_name staticmatic build my_app_name %p This will give you a directory structure of my_app_name -> site, src. The site dir contains your site built from the source. So every time you do staticmatic build my_app_name you will be building your site/ dir from your src/ dir. This could use the improvement of a Rakefile to make the directory not matter, so I think I'll be attempting to add my Rakefile into the project.