Pool Strife, A Billiards Game

Pool Strife was created by Jon Syu, and Grant Klafehn, when they were messing around in my basement one night. It was a fun game, and it involved all 3 of us. Jon originally suggested the name CardioPool because of the amount of effort that had to go into playing the game by running around the table, but we eventually changed the name to something that would sound more popular, and thus the game was ordained Pool Strife.

One game is called a War

Wars are broken up into Skirmishes, which are won by best of 3. Skirmishes are broken up into Battles, and are won by best of 5. You must win by 2 battles to win the skirmish.

One player is the one ball, one player is the 9 ball.

Balls are setup with one in each opposite cornor pocket, and the 8 ball(or Target) in the very center of the table.

Game Play starts with the referee(or impartial observer in amateur games) saying "Ready... Set... Go...". The players then shoot for the 8 ball.

The object of the game is to pocket the Target by having your ball be the last to touch the Target before it goes into a pocket and stays in the pocket.

To clarify; The owner of the last moving Player Ball to touch the Target before it enters the pocket is declared the victor of the Battle.

The referee must keep track of which moving ball last touched the Target.

A player may only hit his or her ball when it is stationary.

Players move around the table to gain better position to hit their ball, but they must give way to a person who's ball is moving slower than their own.

"Head Shot": When a player pockets the Target and the Opposing Player Ball with the same shot, they recieve 2 battle points, If this is enough to win the skirmish they win.


  • All penalties are awarded by the referee(s). They must say the name of the penalty followed by the offender's last name. In regulation play there are 3 referees one to watch the Target and one for each Player.
  • "False Start": If one player strikes their ball before the referee says go, the opposing player wins the battle.
  • "Scratch": If a player pockets their Player Ball, the game is paused and they must place it at the corresponding locations, such that if it is pocketed in a side pocket the ball is placed in the very center, if it is pocketed in a corner pocket it is placed in the center of that end of the table and the opposing player gets a free shot.
  • "Rolling Scratch": If a player hits their ball before it has stopped rolling, play stops, and the opposing player gets a free shot.
  • "Failure to Yield": If you do not yield to the other player based on the above rules, play stops and the opponent gets a free shot.