Your Body Should Not Harbor Pain


When you press firmly on your joints or muscles of your body, you should not feel pain. When you move through your normal, full range of motion, you should not feel pain. When sit motionless you should not feel pain. Unless you actually have a neuro-muscular disorder where that causes you to constantly feel pain, you should not feel pain.

Two years ago, I did not believe this. I had chronic pain in my ankle, hip, and shoulder. A spasm of the muscles in between my ribs would leave me feeling like I could not breath for a few seconds at a time about once a week. I told my doctor that I thought the sudden rib pain could potentially be something related to a heart attack. My grandpas all died an early death from a heart attack. My doctor quickly ruled that out though and said "You are having some musculoskeletal pain. Do not worry about it". My doctor did not believe what I wrote in the paragraph above.

There are too many people out there living with small aches and pains. They most often attribute the pain to getting old. Or, to some injury that they have decided will not heal. I was the same way. I thought I would permanently have this ankle pain from a then-two-year-old soccer injury. I thought my sudden rib pain was a condition I would have to come to accept.

I was so wrong. Over the last year, I have all but eliminated these chronic pains from my body. Through principals of Physical Therapy, anatomical awareness, body awareness, self-mobilization, and body weight exercises, I have corrected many problems with my musculoskeletal system, driving out the pain that was harbored in that part of my body.

You can work to rid your body of these aches and pains, but you have to believe that your body is not meant to harbor pain. That pressing on your tissues and joints should not cause you to feel the slightest discomfort. If you cannot bring yourself around to believing this, you will not have the motivation to correct the problems in your body. You will forever be resigned to being the person who has chronic aches and pains. You can go about living the rest of your life in pain, or you can choose to change your beliefs and believe that you can personally correct the problems in your body. Believe that you are in control of your body!